How to Successfully Sell Furniture Online: 5 Mistakes People Make When Selling Refinished Furniture

How can you successfully sell furniture online? Where can you see refinished furniture? Here are 5 common mistakes people make when selling refinished furniture! Read and learn how to avoid these mistakes!


You have spent hours of cleaning, repairing, and preparing the fancy sofa. Then, you have spent even more time perfecting the final look. When you are finally done, you really hope to sell the piece of furniture and make a nice profit.

You’ve found a marketplace or a website where you can post a listing, however, the piece of furniture just sits and waits, nothing. There are no serious inquiries, no one has contacted you to ask about the price or addition information. What can you do? Are you making a mistake? How can you successfully sell furniture online?

We would like to present to you the 5 common mistakes people usually make when selling refinished furniture on the web. By knowing these mistakes, you will learn how to avoid them and focus on selling your nice piece of furniture to the right people:

  • Not starting with a valuable piece: You may be the best painter or repairer in the world, however, if you are planning to refinish a cheap plastic bookcase from the supermarket, you can’t expect to sell that piece and make a profit. You need to look for quality pieces, for example, pieces that are made from real wood and have the potential to turn your creative work into a profit. If you think that you aren’t good at repairs and you don’t have a lot of tools available for use, you can buy pieces that don’t have any damages.
  • The piece is too custom – We can agree that painting is art and there are painters that stand out from the crowd for their amazing work. However, if your piece isn’t selling, one of the reasons may be because it is too custom. You have two options – you can wait for the perfect buyer to fall in love with your piece or you can sit down and rethink your design.
  • Poor staging – If you are posting photos of your furniture pieces online, you need to make an effort and stage it well. You should invest in some inexpensive props such as empty frames, hardcover books, classic artwork, vases, flowers, and more. Also, you may need a backdrop, in case you don’t have a light-colored wall. If you have ugly floors, you can invest in a rug. Be careful of the colors used in staging, you need to use compliments and avoid distractions. If your piece is neutral, add a vase with fresh flowers.
  • Only listing your item in one place – Today, there are so many places to sell furniture online. You shouldn’t limit yourself to one or two marketplaces. You need to find the perfect buyer and you shouldn’t expect the perfect buyer to find you. We encourage you to join as many selling groups as possible. Also, take advantage of the sales apps.
  • Not offering delivery – One of the things that stop most buyers from purchasing furniture online is transportation. You need to remove this barrier and you will notice that it is much easier to make a sale. You can bring your friend, spouse, or hire professional helpers to help you. Wrap the piece so it doesn’t get damaged and charge extra for delivery.

Are you making any of these mistakes? Now that you are familiar with the most common mistakes, you know what are you doing wrong, and you can change it.

Start with a quality piece, stay unique, invest in staging, list your item in several places, and offer a delivery.


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